Interior Idea Of The Week – Remote Stand


  • Let’s turn this candle holder into a remote one in 3 easy steps!


  • Step 1 : Remove the candles and the triangle glasses to the side


  • Step 2 : Place the remote controls on it as you like

Χωρίς τίτλοgg

  • Step 3 : Ready to use! I placed it on my night stand because i’m too lazy to actually stand up and go to my 2 feet away desk, and i know you can relate to me on this! The empty space that is left at the bottom i use it for medicine that i need to take in the morning, lipbalm saviour through the night or even throat candy!

P.S : The triangle glasses can be used as book holders, since they are heavy enough, or simple interior spots around the room.


Moral of the whole DIY – NEVER THROW AWAY ANYTHING, you never know what your brain will turn these items into! Don’t underestimate it!


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