Interior Idea Of The Week – DIY Candles


So, again, we go back to basics with candles and the moto “Never throw anything away“.
This happens when you have spare reso candles and empty small glass bowls from probably tarts! because tarts rock. obviously.

Here are 3 different and easy candle ideas that you can create in at least 10mins.


  • The first one is filled with salt, coloured sand and dried flowers. This one doesn’t have a candle in it.DSC00467
  • The second one is filled with again dried flowers, salt and aromatic rocks (?)-(well the ones that you can put inside your closet kinda rocks). This one also doesn’t have a candle in it.DSC00469
  • The last one is filled with salt, rocks from Nisyros’ volcano i think and look at that a reso candle.

You can create a lot of different styles!

  1. I decided to use Imalaia salt because its pink so this adds some colour in it from the very beggining! You can also use instant coffee or sugar!
  2. I used also some colour sand! Thankfully Jumbo has a lot of basic colours that you can play with and it’s also cheap! CHEAP IS ALWAYS BETTER. Well not least for my wallet…whatever
  3. The dried flowers were actual flowers before they turn like that yeah i know nature so you can use whichever flower you like from your near by flower store or tree.
TIP:  When you add salt or sugar after you are done with the whole decoration you better add some water drops with your fingers to help the salt/sugar melt a bit and adjust smoothly with the whole decoration.

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