Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – Simon Dominic

I couldn’t hold myself any longer!

The king is back so i HAD TO.

Simon Dominic is the second CEO of the hip hop entertainment label AOMG.

Being known mostly from his underground performances back in his hometown Busan, OH MAH GAWD BUSAN YASSSS, he decided to create a hip-hop duo called Supreme Team that after 4 years failed misserably!

After many hardships, he broke up with Lady Jane from an 8yo relationship just give him a break, he is back with a new album! His first title track is called WON(₩) & ONLY, ofc he talks about lady jane like DAH he is a heartbroken bae, he also re-arranged one of his back in the underground days successful track Simon Dominic giving us a surprise MV that you can check down below along with his new album! 

Simon Dominic – EARGASM


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