Interior Idea Of The Week – DIY flower pot/Bobby pin holder


We all go through this time when we need a change, just because, and you try to find something to re-create or simply break apart and then throw it away!

I was so bored of this simple fake flower pot that i decided to change it in 3 simple steps that you can check down below!

  • STEP 1


Take the fake flowers out of the pot as seen in the picture! (maybe with a help of a knife because it’s glued in some spots)

  • STEP 2


I had this pencil holder that i didn’t want anymore so i decided to make this one a flower pot, for obvious reasons! All you have to do is to cut the cork a bit so that it can fit inside the pencil holder hole but not fall completely at the bottom! (you need to add extreme pressure on this one)

  • STEP 3


This is the remaining pot that i used to “organize” my bobby pins! I had them already in this little pink casing so i simply put it inside! 

flower pot / pencil holder – Jumbo stores


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