Fashion Item Of The Week – Silver Jewelry


Jewelry is like the cuplcake’s icing! My favourite were always the silver ones!
I always thought that the gold ones were TOO MUCH for a simple outfit.
Here i will show you 3 examples of what i call Silver Chic!

  • #1


You will always find silver necklaces but they are most likely nothing special! You need to find a “special” one that will be the cherry to your whole look! Simple patterns are A MUST while the more complicated ones are not easy for the eye to catch, because nobody will care if there is a special meaning to the pattern let’s be honest.

  • #2


My personal favourites are the silver ones with the small pearls. Adds some elegant air to it without being too much and without categorising your look from ootd to ootn!

-ootd = outfit of the day
-ootn = outfit of the night

  • #3


And the last one is a bit more showing off! Adding more colour with a rock or pearl in it, gives a bit more fanciness to your look categorising it from casual! Jewelry are the fine line between casual and not casual for obvious reasons! 


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