Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – Show Me The Money 4

Final Round 1

Final Round 2

Show Me The Money 4 is over and the winner is Basick from the “San E & Verbal Jint” team after going head to head with Song Minho from the “Zico & Palo Alto” team!

Check out my opinion of the show down below!

Okay so, if you follow up the show as i do you will, by now, realise the HUGE difference between SMTM3 and SMTM4! I was so hyped for the new season because obviously season 3 was dope! everything was simply D O P E, from the competitors to the tracks and the teams and EVERYTHING! Then season 4 begun and the free fall came along, so much drama editing that the show turned from a hip hop competition to unpretty rapstar male version! It was like korean dramas and rappers had a baby that took over MNet studios or something like that.

On another note the whole situation started becoming really messed up after the incident with the “San E & Verbal Jint” team that were able to change members after the elimination! I will not lie, they are still my favourite team but..really though what the fuck happened? Did they go and begged the producers or something?!!!!?! 

The show had its good moments too, i won’t lie on that! The diss battles were simply amazing and the collab stages with the producers of each team too! Probably these episodes were the only ones that saved the audience from leaving! That was smooth!

Now, if we go to the teams part i will probably go against my “company”, because i’m a hardcore YG stan, and say that team YG needs a serious make over! I really don’t know what is going on with them but they need to step their game up for good! This season they had no action at all, in my opinion! Their team was pretty much a huge MEH while on the other hand the other teams had powerful rappers! And if not all of them, they still had some hidden diamonds to save their asses at the end! Such a waste!

P.S : How about the final voting though? The crowd was so hyped for Basick that since the beginning of the performance he had like, what? 1.000.000? While Minho had, still, near the end of his stage barely up to 200.000₩!??!?!!! I will put down below Minho’s stages for the final round and let you decide!

Final Round 1

Final Round 2

Check out the SMTM4 playlist down below and enjoy!

Show Me The Money 4 – Performances


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