Fashion Inspo Of The Week – Miley Cyrus


Hello everybody and welcome to the I-am-a-biased-smiler-no-matter-what fashion post of the week! 

VMAs are over leaving us only with scandals here and there, performances who rocked and not, artists being fashion icons, FP running around and Miley freaking Cyrus. Yes, in general not just outfits.

If i was not leaving in Greece i would clearly see myself wearing some of her master pieces but damn

Check down below her crazy outfits and what i think of them! With some plus goodies at the end~


Look at that! Red not carpet! I’m digging the shoes so much but hell im only close to 1,65(?) and knee high boots dont go well with us. It’s okay. I will handle it one day.


If somebody get me these versace nipple stickers imma love him/her forever. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER STRANGER. Other than that the pants are a huge that’s NO NO.


Knee high boots we meet again and i will keep my head high and ignore you this time. The dress is simply awesome that even I would buy it! It’s so clever that i think i’m gonna cry! money Except the glasses, ugh.




Probably on of the best outfits of the night by FAR! Dreadlocks look so good on her! dayum! Kylie Jenner lips as a shirt/shorts a big YES. I will, once again gawd damnit, pass the knee high boots for obvious reasons and jump right to the eyes and say that are a bit MEH. Something is so wrong with the eyes, probably the clothing material


The performance finally! So much glitter that Jumbo would be jealous for only selling 5 different colours LOL. I’m liking the whole missing pieces game on this outfit! Even the nipple eyes look way better! CLOTHING MATERIAL ON POINT. The deep purple glove is my huge WHY because i would prefer it white but hell! 


The “WHERE IS MY WALLET AND WHY I DONT HAVE MONEY IN IT” feeling is like stuck inside my head with neon lights because this outfit is so good i would, simply, kill to have! Even the bracelets! JUST GIVE IT TO ME. A DONATION. SOMETHING.


Please give this furr/jacket to this fashion blogger named CRISPIDIAMOND. She would appreciate it pretty much! I guarantee that to you. She will.


What the fuck am i seeing?!!? It’s like somebody gave this dress to a 5yo child along with scissors and a circle pattern on it! How dare you! This is a disaster! Knee high boots you can go home now.


I left the best outfit of the night for the end, because i’m that awesome! It’s so vintage and modern at the same time that i can’t stop looking at it! The shoes are awful though but you barely see them so i give this a 9/10! EXCELLENT!

Miley also released her EP “Miley Cyrus and her dead Petz” on soundcloud when the VMAs were over so i’m gonna link this to you down below!

You can also check her new MV for her Title track “Dooo It” that was released earlier today!


Miley Cyrus & Her dead Petz


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