Interior Idea Of The Week – DIY Universe Glass Bottles with Watercolour


Okay, for months now i see this “thing”, that i don’t know how to call, being all over internet!
It got me interested after all the brainwash i went through so i decided to try it too but a bit different because i’m a scientist after all who knows that food colouring is gonna get mixed up in the end, and nobody’s gonna like it! 

Check down below my version of this pretty cool interior change!

List of the things you are gonna need:

  • cotton
  • watercolour (any kind)
  • straws
  • glass bottles
  • plastic cups
  • glitter
  • a lot of water. like A LOT.

Step 1


Fill some plastic cups with at least 3 fingers of water, get your glitter game on ignore the fact that these are glitter glue bottles and open up your glass bottle!

Step 2


Place, at least, 2 fingers of cotton at the bottom with the help of the a straw.

Step 3


Fill two plastic cups with two different watercolours of your liking and add some of the first one inside the glass bottle. Then add 2 more fingers of cotton and pour some of the second watercolour that you chose. After that repeat this process until the glass bottle is filled.

Step 4


You have a nice mixed up universe bottle of your liking to decorate spots in your room or house! ignore the fact that this is a different bottle than the first one. Also ignore my DNA in it and my dog’s.

P.S 1: IF you want to add glitter you better do it while you are still at the beginning or else it's not gonna appear clearly when it's done.

P.S 2: Be careful and add more of the brightest watercolour of your choosing or else it's gonna be mixed up as one because gravity and science.

P.S 3: I also saw some versions of this with glitter glue, and let me tell you before hand that IT DOESN'T WORK. I tried it and the glue it's extremely thick and it's gonna stuck at the bottom even if you add 1L of water and shake it like a maniac!

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