Fashion Item Of The Week – Phone Cases


I don’t know about you but i’m obssesed, kind of, with phone cases! Also i adore Jeremy Scott so what a better combination! flying money yeah

Check down below the links i have for you about the items along with a review!

Since we all live through tecnology now, which i don’t agree with this at all as a 90’s child that i got to freaking play outside and interact with people, phone cases are one of the MUST accessories somebody who cares about his apperiance needs to take care of!

I bought these three phone cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 3, IDEAL PHONE YEAH, from Ebay and they are a really good copies of the original ones! I’m impressed! 

This one is the best of the best! Big, yes obviously, but holds the phone so steady that if you are like me, who’s afraid of everything around my phone that looks sharp or dangerous, need to have!

I went over the top with this. I admit it. The case is like a wanna be selfie stick, if you turn on the timer on your camera, so it saves the embarrassment of actually taking out the real one. The mirror on the other hand at the back is real and the fact that it doesn’t stick well to the case pisses me off! 

This case sucks, in many ways! The design is completely fine when you look at it BUT it doesn’t even hold the phone inside! With one move the phone can freaking fly away and never see it again. I don’t regret buying it but well.. i rarely use it!



  • Jeremy Scott



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