Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – BIGSTAR

Hold your panties BIGSTAR are back after, what, 2 years of hiatus?

Check down below what i think about their comeback and album!

Ok so Brave Entertainment decided to, finally, scedule a comeback for them!

Well Baram’s hair started becoming so long so he just gave up on styling them and Feeldog started creating colour stamps, and hanging out along with the 2o’clock members so yeah, they basically had a lot of free time! And embarassed selcas that we enjoy from time to time.

About the Shine A Moonlight album now i have to say that it’s pretty good with clubbing sounds! You know how fans wait with high expectations when the band doesn’t comeback for over 6 months, i’m an inspirit i know, and i have to say that they didn’t mess it up at all! Their sound got even better and more mature!


Check their album down below and support them~

BIGSTAR – Shine A Moonlight


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