Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – MONSTA X

Look at that, Starship‘s new boy band is back after a month 🙂

With a new mini album 🙂

With new looks 🙂

Check down below my thoughts about this comeback and album!

Let’s start with the fact that MONSTA X is in my top 5 korean boy groups list, and it hurts. They are the finalists of their company’s survival show NO.MERCY who clearly had no mercy at all! Baby #GUN is still a trainee and i don’t accept that!!

Style wise is MONSTA X’s Orange Is The New Comeback Era and thankfully it sucks! Along with the headbands and the hats, OH THE HATS. There is so much less skin showing which is a passive aggressive feeling, as a wonho bias you know how this works, but it helps you focus on the band more let’s be honest.

As for the album i have to say that it has pretty good songs! A fan online said that it’s less “Jooheon and his gang bang” and more “MONSTA X”. I totally agree, even though i love Jooheon’s gang bang more, Wonho has more lines! This is big! He also thinks now that he is one of the main vocals! Please send help to this guy! Along with me in a surprise present box.

Should i comment my thoughts for the comeback MV? Should i talk about Joohoney’s perfection or Kihyun‘s gorgeousness or Wonho on a freaking motorbike for fucks sake who thought about this!!!!?!??!!?? Also Giriboi appearing in the middle suddenly was a really nice break from all the freak out moments inside my brain.

breathe in, breathe out

You can also check down below their new mini album out on my soundcloud and support these babies because they need lots of love and prayers that they won’t become the next B.A.P.


You can also follow their SNS for more daily information and news!


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