Interior Idea Of The Week – DIY Watercolour Clock


Guess who’s back! Obviously the watercolours as always, what did you think?

Check down below how i made the clock!

Things you are gonna need

  • plywood
  • watercolour
  • clockwork



Tell your local carpenter to create a 6mm hole in the middle on the round plywood so that the clockwork will be placed correctly. It would be a great idea to actually make a hole somewhere except the will be something new and something i just thought so..hell!
I used a 26cm diameter plywood just so you know.



Choose the watercolours you want to use and make, beforehand, a sketch with your black marker, which i didn’t, and start drawing! I wanted to make something universe like so i used purple, red and yellow. I literally freaked out when purple turned like this on the plywood but it’s nothing to worry about! Once it’s dried it will look completely fine.



I used at the end mostly red and yellow as a mix and i let it 2 days to dry. This is how it turned up to be and i kinda like it, except the fact that it doesn’t even harmonise with my bedroom colours. damnit.



The clockwork i had was all black so i painted the clockwise white, again with watercolour, and let it dry 2 days along with the plywood.



Last but not least, build back up your clockwork and that’s the final results! I really liked how my freak out moment to save the messed up colours turned!

Tip: You should let it dry outside or else the humid inside the house will mess up the colours while drying!

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