Fashion Item Of The Week – Hologram


It’s time to express my love for hologram items and my sorrow for having capital controls aka i can’t buy anything new.

Check down below my items and how i use them on a daily basis!



First things first, SHOES. Yes of course i bought hologram shoes because my obsession for them and with hologram on was a perfect combo!

To do a mini review too, the platforms are so comfy and easy to walk on! As long as i remember they were cheap too and it end up being a good quality item! As for the chunky ones i have to say that they are a huge failure! The quality is not even good and they are not suitable for summer becase the glue gets warm and they easily break apart. I don’t know if i should cry my money but if i wear them in the fall season and they are still messed up i will probably set them on fire or something.

My camera doesn’t want to show exactly what kind of hologram kind they are so dayumn.


I think i’m complete for a hologram  lookbook, aren’t i?
Backpacks are a hot trend, and way too useful, so why not hologram them! This kind of hologram is my favourite because it’s more shiny-like and you simply can’t go unnoticed! winky winky

Links for the items

Chucky Shoes

P.S #1: Ebay needs to sponsor me or something.
P.S #2: Unfortunately i counldn't find a link for the platforms, but they are from Ebay too.

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