Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – Jooyoung Special

I needed to make a post for Jooyoung and i think this will end up as a “special” because he hits kokoro level and everybody needs to appreciate him!

Check down below me crying over everything about him


Let’s start with the fact that he is a ’91liner and an awesome kokoro vocalist! He is also Pisces 🙂 Hell 🙂

As far as i know he signed up with STARSHIP‘s sub(?) laber STARSHIP X in 2014 even though he made his debut around 2010 under another label with his mini album “From Me To You”. He is more known for his featurings to other artists like SISTAR’s Hyorin, which is his ideal type like man your standards are so freaking high like chill, Kisum from Unpretty Rapstar season 1, his entertainment’s survival program NO.MERCY etc.

Other than that, he is an upcoming RnB artist that we need to focus on as his future seems bright with him composing for other laber mates and entertainment companies artists such as B1A4 and Lyn.

I couldn’t finish a “special” without a variety so here it is Weekly Idol‘s episode with Jooyoung, and two other label mates, Mad Clown, that i need to give him a special corner or post or something, and Junggigo!

Enjoy the awkwardness!

You can follow him on his SNS accounts for more updates



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