Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – Jessica H.O

Our ssenunni is back! With a really fail promotion from her company but she is here more fierce than ever!

Check down below my thoughts about her!


Have you ever thought of a woman role model being all swag-like, independent with a bubbly personality who, obviously, talks more to guys, because she aint got time for your drama queen moments honey, having a double-trouble, vocals and rapping, combination and also good looks?

Guess what! She actually exists and her name is Jessi, aka Jessica H.O, who is a Korean–American singer, rapper, and member of the hip-hop trio Lucky J.

Making her debut in korean industry in 2005 with her album and single Get Up, following up to some featurings in 2006 and the release of her second single “The Rebirth” in 2009, she took a 5-year hiatus, damn gurl, returning as a member of Lucky J. In 2015 she appeared οn the survival program Unpretty Rapstar, SMTM female version, catching the eye of the viewers because that wasn’t a game, it was a competition! Even tho she came second on the survival program she released the most streamed songs according to official media ranks! Way to go queen!

So how about you treat yourself with some performances?

Jessi – Unpretty Dreams (Unpretty Rapstar Semi-Final)

Jessi – Lonely, Lonely (Feat. Yuk JiDam)

And of course a variety that you must watch!

After School Club Ep178 – Jessi

You can follow her SNS for more information and updates!


Can we talk about the fact that her company sucks that much that her single is not even up on iTunes or sold online! Like dude WTF. Get your shit straight!

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