Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – iKON


YG Entertainment‘s new, long awaited, boy group debuted in korea with a half mini album, 3 M/Vs and an upcoming event in Japan!

Check down below why they are this week’s suggestion!


(top-left to right) Chanwoo, Junhoe, B.I, Yunhyeong, Jinhwan
(bottom-lef to right) Bobby, Donghyuk

Let’s start with the fact that all the members, except Chanwoo, participated in YG’s first survival program called Who is Next: Win” who had as a main goal to create a boy group called WINNER. The program ended creating this oh-so-wanted group leaving the unchosen members behind at the company headquarters. The journey wasn’t over though, since the company’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk decided, after a year, to scedule a new survival program called “Mix & Match” with the remaining eliminated members from the first one and Chanwoo to create iKON.


Fun Fact: The M&M program was actually created because the viewers/fans from the first one didn’t like the idea of the remaining members staying behind. The whole story is mostly an issue because WINNER and iKON were already chosen as groups since the first survival as Team A and Team B. Sometimes i don’t know either what YG is doing, but what they are doing is brining money and fame to them so i guess it’s good.


Moving on, when the first survival ended and fans cried their eyes out for Team B aka iKON members, Show Me The Money 3 started revealing the line-up and holy molly B.I and Bobby were in the list! A lot of criticism because of the idol image, a lot of negativity that lead B.I to make mistakes and getting his ass eliminated in episode 10 giving the chance to Bobby to actually go to the finals agains IRON and win! This brought fame to his name causing instant recognition to the rest of Team B members too so with one stone they killed two birds.


Getting close to the long waited debut for iKON a scandal came up according B.I’s father Kim Jung Ju, who is the former CEO of Seunghwa Freetech, ordering him to appear in court for a trial with accusations of embezzling approximately $2.4 million USD worth of funds. After that all hell broke loose as strong opinions that B.I should depart from iKON started going #1 on SNS. YG‘s CEO released a statement after a couple days explaining how B.I wasn’t involved and had nothing to do with the whole messed up thing causing more fuss. At the end this didn’t stop his sceduled debut with the boy group.

iKON‘s first promotion even before debuting was with NONA9ON, YG Entertainment’s new clothing line, promoting the new WINTER 2016 collection. And also attending MOONSHOT‘s fan-meeting event which is the new make up line from their company.

First M/V is up! Holy mother of god they are actually debuting with a new playful style! Seeing them all together in an official promotion is surreal!

Second M/V is up along with the release of their WELCOME BACK album showing a different and more emotional style having us rolling on the floor!

Third M/V and my personal favourite from the album too is up and i just can’t handle the perfection! Well, since before debut they had be some rumors about Bobby too naming and dissing male idol rappers, even though he is one but he won SMTM3 so let this kid go off for a bit, this song comes to confirm it again! The lyrics are, as usual, dissing other groups and rappers along with an official statement from the company that Bobby and B.I personally wrote them causing again the spotlight to be on iKON in a “negative” way. Koreans are getting all mad about them being spoiled brats but that didn’t stop them for voting and cheering for them making them win already 4 music shows and add their name in the “super special YG rookie group” category. 

You can follow their SNS accounts for more information and updates!



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