Fashion Inspo Of The Week – Zion.T


Kim Haesol aka ZION.T is this week’s fashion inspiration with a throw back to his July W Korea, rated 19+, photoshoot!

Check down below the photoshooting and his style!


This man’s style is so unpredictable and unique that simply nobody else can copy it! He can rock outfits like turtle necks and long cardigans to simple “casual” ones always along with his crazy shoes and accessories, that are his trade mark, telling a story!

That’s what he did to his W Korea photoshoot too! Suits with a colorfull mismatching set of patterns, couple pairs of chic shades, pointed black and white loafers, and messed up hair that somebody would think he was casually hanging out with the model and paparazzi just popped out.

If you listen and follow his music style you can understand where his fashion inspirations are from, along with the designers he chose!

Enjoy the rest of the phoroshoot and W’s video of it!






You can follow his SNS for more updates and information



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