Seoul Fashion Week – FLEAMADONNA


FLEAMADONNA is this year’s Seoul Fashion Week opening show so it’s time to learn more about this new baby brand that took over the undustry!

Check down below her story and latest collection!

Jei Kim is the designer of FLEAMADONNA. The name came from the english word “Primadonna” with no particular reason or a deep meaning behind it! You can see more information at the video above anyways.

At age 12, her interest in fashion was sparked and her father began to teach her pattern cutting, parenting level excellent, and later she studied textile design for two years at Myong Ji college. 99.9% of Korea’s fashion designers studied abroad so her being in the 0.01% difference was a huge deal. They called her “Korean Dream” just because of that and also because she is only 23 years old, too young for this industry, and already her future is full of roses and bright designs!


She started as an online shop in March 2007 with a DIY, do it yourself, feeling showing off her work and ideas. The same year in November she produced her very own and first show and since then she has consistently been featured in Korea’s top fashion magazines both for fabulous personal style and for being part of Korea’s fresh new generation of design taking over Seoul by storm with her mix and match style of neon stilettos, pink voluminous fur skirts, glitter boots, oversize sequins, holographic high-waist trousers,and vintage granny inspired silk dresses.

Her big influences include an adoration for diva style and the music of Madonna, Blonde, Kylie and Cindy Lauper. Speaking of big names here let’s see the fact that her clothes has been worn by Rihanna and also featured in Korean dramas as her most shop-aholics costumers are khiphop-ers, stylists and actresses.

You can find out more about her latest collection in the link here from her official website and enjoy the video from Tokyo Fashion Film below!

You can follow the brand’s SNS for more updates and information



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