Seoul Fashion Week is happening and DEMOO PARKCHOONMOO is up and ready to be known to my readers!

Check down below the designer and her brand!

Park Choonmoo is the designer of DEMOO PARKCHOONMOO, if that wasn’t clear by the brand’s name already. Her family owned a children’s apparel company so we can see where this DNA came from! Growing up she attended Hong Ik university where she majored in industrial design, followed by the Kookje Fashion School where she studied fashion design.

The label was lanched in 1988 and her eponymous line was finally released to the world been since then at the forefront of Korea’s “avan garde” class. Her designs became iconic for their modern, architectual and yet fluid style! Her “aesthetic” of monotones really makes me wanna scream from agony since i’m a more colorful person but she started making a layer colored combination so i guess she felt the same or something.


If we look at her profile she has many successful points in her career such as taking the Seoul Fashion Award The Most Influential Designers of 199838th President’s Award for day of trade in technology and design in 2001, taking her first Fashion Globalization prize in 10th Korea’s Textile awards in 2003, The grand prize in Character casual of Korea Fashion Brand Awards in 2006, the Grand prize of Korea Textile Fashion in design part 2008, Korea’s Fashion Quality Award 2 years in a row, beeing also selected as a Dedicated designer of Seoul fashion week for 2010, winning the grand prize and President’s Award in 5th Korea Fashion Awards 2012 and International Cultural Exchange Prize in 9th Asia Model Awards in 2014. That’s a lot! And also explains her quality level.

She also participated in worldwide shows in Paris, Milano and New York supporting her brand and you can check the video below of her latest collection!

You can also follow the brand’s SNS for more updates and information



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