Seoul Fashion Week – RUBINA


RUBINA is someone you need to look for if you are in the “luxurious” style category and if you wonder why then you need to keep reading!

Check down below her style and collections!

Launched in 90’s, RUBINA is one of Korea’s top luxurious designers, being a member of KFA (Korean Fashion Association), SFAA (Seoul Fashion Artists Association), FGI (Fashion Group International) and CDG (Central Design Group) moved her smooth way into this year’s fashion shows in Seoul.


Having the “romantic and chic” as brand’s sensibility she expresses herself through new trends staying still and faithful in her roots of the luxurious and stylish attitude for women! Being, also, awarded by DONG-A TV as “Designer Of The Year”, WFDP (World Fashion Development Programme), City Of Seoul as again “Designer Of The Year” and taking the “Fashion & Design” from Grand Prize Seoul 2011.


Also if you watch korean dramas these clothes will remind you of the evil first ladies or stepmothers! At least i have!

You can follow the brand’s SNS for more information and updates



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