Seoul Fashion Week – CHOIBOKO


CHOIBOKO is up next on the Seoul Fashion Week special!

Check down below his style and profile!

Choi Boko, the director and creator of CHOIBOKO, considered one of the elder statesmen of Korean fashion, he remains one of the most dynamic, creative and innovative designers lanching his brand in the 80’s. Graduating from Kyung-il University‘s Department of Textile & Fashion, Postgraduate course taking his master’s degree in that department 2 years after!

Through out the years he had many positions who helped his career such as being The First Chairman of Daegu Fashion Association, around 1989-1992, and Chairman of Board of Trustee of Daegu Fashion Cooperation, around 2004-2005. 

Χωρίς τίτλο

The brand “CHOIBOKO” is based on artwork motif that started in painterly foundation of fine art and reproduces vintage with steric effect from couture’s perspective. It also presents a balanced silhouette using patchwork of various materials. The brand presents an ethnic fantasy using geometric pattern, which has strong and colorful contrast, changed shape and modernity.

He won many awards through the years starting in 1998 with his Korea Textile Grand Prize (Fashion Design part), Prize of Korea Ministry of Industry-Resourse in 1999, Golden Fingertip Prize-Korea Ministry of Industry-Resourse in 2003 and 2011 with his Best Brand and Best Designer of the year by Prime Minister of Korea. We also need to focus at his “special” on Premiere Vision-Indigo 2013 that took place in France as always!

You can follow his SNS for more updates and information



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