Fashion Inspo Of The Week – Lee Howon


The time has finally come. Hoya’s style improved so much suddenly that i had to make a post about this! He is way too close to my ideal now and i’m not even embarassed to call him my #1 bias!

Check down below his style and appearance!




Hoya aka Lee Howon, rapper and sub vocalist from the boy group INFINITE made an evolution for himself, finally, and got a haircut! I never believed that a haircut can change a person so much though! Oh yeah, and an eye surgery let’s not forget that. I mean how can, the fuck, forget it when he wears awful sunglasses along the way of his recovery! Stylists what are you doing to this fresh bae seriously!



From a friendly neighbor to a company’s CEO in a blink of an eye! Thankfully INFINITE are on tour so we get to see a lot more changes in his style through airport fashion, but these damn sunglasses are here to stay.


He recently opened his own YouTube channel uploading song covers making this a project for himself and the company. You can check down below his first cover and anticipate more!

You can follow his SNS for more information and updates



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