Seoul Fashion Week – CARUSO

Χωρίς τίτλο

Another one who specialise on men’s wear and appeared in Seoul Fashion Week is CARUSO.

Check down below his style!

Chang Kwanghyo is the creator of the brand CARUSO. His new collection is inspired by a childhood memory filled with nature and childhood innocence, the interaction of the two and the residuals of it, both the splendor and terror of that certain moment.


“This is a story from my boyhood. It was a drowsy afternoon at the peak of summer break. As soon as I woke up from a nap, I picked up my backpack and rushed to school thinking I was late. There was no one but an empty playground, desolate classrooms, and weeping trees; not a single sound of cicadas that used to entertain all summer long could be heard. Was it a dream? What the boy saw on that fateful summer day was perfection in itself, with colors of objects, shades of trees, and intensity of lights orchestrated in perfect harmony by a prominent conductor. The clock of the season and the face of the boy met at the boundary between an early morning and a relaxing afternoon, but what was lost surrounded the teary-eyed boy to elusive fear. This collection is an earnest attempt at reproducing light and time; not an experimentation of light nor color but a sentimental recollection of what resides in my soul as a result of that fateful summer day. My hope is that it will bring you back to your very own summertime, when the days were young in their liveliest and purest form.”



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