Seoul Fashion Week – LIE


LIE is up next on the Seoul Fashion Week special!

Check down below his style and concept!

Lie Sangbong is the creator of the famous korean brand LIE SANGBONG, or simply LIE, launching in 2012. Getting bachelor’s degree at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London, UK, Fashion Design Menswear and being also selected as ‘Bright Young Things’ by Selfridges, London, UK in 2011 was a really powerful beginning for him! 


Being LIE’s creative director and general manager in 2015 he stepped up the game with his new concept being an “Everyday Wear Luxury with a Twist”, presenting both avant-garde style of Paris and minimal style of New York, and also supporting his other brand “LIE eyewear“.

We also need to add that at his early days his clothes were chosen by Mama Monster aka Lady Gaga taking really good reviews from all over the world!


You can follow the brand’s SNS for more updates and information



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