Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – Brown Eyed Girls


The trolling queens made a comeback with a full album that seems perfect?!

Check down below their style and new album!


(left to right) Miryo, Ga-in, Narsha, JeA

Let’s start with the fact that B.E.G are active since 2006 without going through any changes until 2015 where they moved to another agency, which is alright. The members themselves were active all these years even as soloists (Ga-in, Miryo, Narsha, JeA), creating sub-units (M&N) and taking parts in OSTs (JeA, Ga-in). Each member specialize in different fields like Narsha that was for a long time in Korean SNL because she is obviously the biggest troll! A huge outbreak was their satiristic clip for the plastic surgery topik making them come out different from the other girl groups that were active back then.

Their “name” became big in 2009 with the release of their “Abracadabra” single that after all it become the target of many cracked up covers from other idols! Support among idols is excited because they always follow the image of each group and you will realise what i’m saying more if you get into kpop and their variety shows that are into covers of any kind. Like literally..


Now they are back with their 6th album “Basic and their M/Vs for “Warm Hole” and “Brave New World”. Brown Eyed Girls are always into the more sexual-free concept having comebacks and title songs with meanings or references and even in interviews are being more talktative about that issue that is still a taboo even though we live in freaking 2015! The goal of this album is to show what they got all these years and kept them known about vocal, music and performance! Enjoy and support them!

You can follow their SNS for more updates and information

Twitter  –  JeA / Miryo / Narsha
Instagram  –  Ga-in / Miryo / Narsha / JeA


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