Seoul Fashion Week – pushBUTTON


pushBUTTON is up next!

Check down below their style and collection!

Park Seunggun is the creator and director of pushBUTTON which is a women’s wear design that was launched in 2003. He broke himself into the tedious Korean fashion scene with warlike and maverick-wise ideas while setting up the flagship store among the vintage old school furniture shops in Seoul. pushBUTTON’s bold and daring collection made fashion insiders often say that he is the most rising designer right now and all were looking and waiting for.


After having 4 years full of collaborations and fashion shows in 2013 he was one of the mentors in the korean fashion program called Get It Style and also he participated in the korean hit drama “The Master’s Sun” creating the costumes of the lead actress Kong Hyojin. He also won the 2013 CFDK Sponson Award. In 2014 he signed a contract with a famous designer in Milan called Riccardo Grassi


The brand concept is experimental and conceptual having designs that have been hailed not only by fashion industry people but also by trendy consumers who are always looking for something unique and fun to wear. His edge yet feminine and sexy collections are his trade mark as this year’s concept was Rich & young career women’s holiday mood! It doesn’t only sound classy, the pieces are simply luxurious with a really nice twist!

You can follow the brand’s SNS for more updates and information



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