Seoul Fashion Week – BEYOND CLOSET


You guessed right from the picture above! It’s time for Beyond Closet!

Check down below their style and collection!

Tea Yongko is the founder and director or the clothing brand BEYOND CLOSET that launched in 2008. In 2014 he joined PITTI UOMO 86 along with more korean brands and their directors supporting asian fashion.


The brand creats new looks every season, however, sometimes it reinterprets old and classic fashion to their own fashion with various colors and graphic patterns. Also, Beyond Closet has a second label called ‘Campaign’ for reaching out to the public. This year’s concept was “NOMANTIC” aka not romantic representing a man who is not a romantic imagining romantic. Now i get why the flashed cheeks but as far as i know in fashion the word “romantic” is not something heavenly good, is something suicidal but that’s okay.







In 2015 he collaborated with JYP Entertainment‘s newest boy group GOT7 announcing it with a mini runaway fashion show at KCON, as Tea Yongko was the fashion director this year, letting the members of the idol group be his models. He then worked with them in their “Just Right” comeback and the clothing brand Beyond Closet has been their sponsor ever since.


His last big hit for 2015 was his participation in Vogue’s ‘Who is on Next? Dubai?’ showing off his work globaly.

You can follow the brand’s SNS for more updates and information



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