Seoul Fashion Week – HEICH ES HEICH


Heich Es Heich is up next!

Check down below the brand’s style and collections!

Han Sanghyuk is the founder and director of HEICH ES HEICH since its launching in 2014. Even though the brand is still a baby, only one year in the industry, the director worked in big projects such as Korea’s most famous dramas Boys Over Flowers and Goong. He also worked with JYP Entertainment’s ex boy group 2AM in 2012 with their promotions. Some of his most precious works through the way was Korea’s Next Top Model, style mentoring in “New Employee”, being a Sadi Critic professor and working along with big brands in London and Korea.


The brand’s concept this year is the word “Between”. It studies the intermediate area between two different things in the world. It reveals the value between different things including between men and women, you and me, adult and child, black and white, classic and modern and warmth and coldness. It represents high-end genderless wear based on tailoring.

You can follow the brand’s SNS for more updates and information


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