Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – VIXX


Jellyfish’s Entertainment first boy group made their comeback with a second full lenght album!

Check down below what kind of music and style they chose for this comeback!

1210-vixx-twsa(left to right) Ravi, Ken, Leo, Hongbin, N, Hyuk

VIXX were created from a survival program, called “MyDOL”, their company decided to have because they couldn’t choose the official members so they let the audience take that risk. Debuting in 2012 along with their friend ROVIX, which is an imaginary robot that helps them out with the concepts and songs and actually does whatever he wants to them in the TV series 1/2 that they have online and you should definitely watch, with the funky stylish “Super Hero and energetic “Rock Your Body they made their own entrance to the huge kpop scene.


That style, obviously, didn’t last long as they came back all man up in 2013 with their “On and On”, hyde and Voodoo Doll M/Vs, and first full album that you can listen here, rocking the dark concepts like hell! Also they kept it in 2014 with Eternity and later on withError that was quite weirdly emotional and dark. They also happen to have some cute breaks as G.R.8.U and Love Equation where we get to see their bubbly selves but you can’t compare these to the hawt dark ones!


Moving on to 2015 and the promotions of LR (LeoRavi) a powerful vocal and rap wise sub-unit who took over the charts as soon as it was released! Their album climbed to Billboard’s World Albums chart at Number 2 and on the South Korean Gaon Album Chart also at Number 2 too having only self composed songs from them! You can listen to their full mini album here.


With the release of “Chained Up” their second full album came along, not having the same style as the other ones in my opinion. Even the title song itself is a lighter concept with a kinky hint, that i’m not gonna even complain about since it was Ravi’s idea. This man knows how to keep the Starlights, their official fanclub name, by their side. You can listen to their second full album here.

You can follow the group’s SNS for more information and updates

Twitter – N / Hyuk / Ken / Hongbin / Ravi / Leo
Instagram – Ravi / N


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