INFINITE’s Hoya keeps updating his Youtube page and I can’t keep calm!


He is in charge of rapping and dancing since his debut, recently his company approved his move to become a YouTube page owner. It’s only the beginning!

Check down below his covers and style!

September 14th 2015 is the day we all marked our calendars since the first cover was up! Zion.T is one of the most safe cards someone can play on this field and it ended up being extremely useful as we get to see his more vocal side.

Promoting with INFINITE since 2010 and with INFINITE H since 2013 he got more into rap making. He said that even though he likes his position, it didn’t “complete” him. I can understand that, you can’t simply jump back and forth to vocal parts.. except if you are Hoya who’s actually been doing that since 2014. He got more lines even from the main vocals, like dude chill!

Throughout his covers he is showing a more different side of him, heartbreaking and in an emotional roller coaster if you ask me. His recent upload was “Real Love” from Crucial Star taking this a step forward making a rap part for the song. I can see where this is going and i’m liking it, i won’t lie! 

You can follow his SNS for more updates and information




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