“The Baddest Female” CL got recognised from VOGUE


2NE1’s leader CL is walking towards the American audience along with big names and VOGUE just couldn’t let her debut without a special review!

Check down below her style and what they said!

CL is known for her edgy and chic fashion style throughout the years. That’s what got her here in the first place along with her performing talent of course! A huge step in her career was going solo with The Baddest Female that still follows her even after almost 3 years. Getting known for being Jeremy Scott‘s muse and best friend it was the cherry at the top of a successful cake as the world got curious about this strange, new asian girl that’s breaking through the “asian stereotypes”.

Prior to her American debut she joined forces, in official releases, with Diplo for “Doctor Pepper” and Skrillex for Dirty Vibe. Being  close to the “dynamic DJ duo”, as i like to call them, gave her the chance to experiment herself in different music colours.


Moving on now, her manager Scooter Braun along with her Korean company YG Entertainment confirmed a release date and a title for her comeback called “Hello Bitches”. If you didn’t realise it yet i’m gonna break it down to you that Chaerin is my super bae and i’m a huge fan of her so my body is ready for this! I hope..

You can check the VOGUE issue special here.

You can follow her SNS for more updates and information




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