Seoul Fashion Week – KUMANN


KUMANN is up and it’s pretty interesting as she didn’t got into fashion in first hand!

Check down below her style!

Hyejin Yoo is the director of KUMANN YOO HYE JIN since 2011“Kumann” is the label came from custom-made women’s wear studio, which was founded by EunHwan Oh in 1965 and developed modern Korean women’s fashion during the time. 

She began her career as a media artist, and print media artist after she earned her master of fine arts degree at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Trustee two-year full scholarship award! Never let your dreams die, moral of the story. She directed a collection for KUMANN OH EUN HWAN by HyeJin Yoo, along with LED light emitting dresses at S.F.A.A. (Seoul Fashion Artists Association) Seoul collection in 2011.

The brand’s concept is a contemporary avant garde by modernizing heritage of the brand and reconfiguring the images of the brand especially in focusing creative structure and sculptural details along with a search of new materials and fabricationsTarget group of the brand is fashion-conscious people in multi-age who place value on originality, creativity, and exclusiveness. And yet, designs are easy to wear and attractive to any occasion. Interesting! It’s the first time we actually see a designer like this!

You can follow the brand’s SNS for more information and updates




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