Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – Royal Pirates


Guess who’s back after a year! Heck yeah it’s Royal Pirates!

Check down below the review and the M/V

(left to right) Kim Sooyoon, Kim Moonchul, Lee James

Before the big excitement and the confetti lets go back to their debut days aka when Moon’s older brother and bassist of the group died in a car accident and then they added James a few years before their Korean debut. Even though it seems unreal how SNS help people to get to know you, YouTube helped Royal Pirates become who they are today! Yes, they were uploading band covers! Something so simple!

They became known first for their “Time Is Running Out” by Muse cover, gaining 18 thousand viewers in just two weeks, and then their, famous at that time, KPOP covers such as Wonder Girls’ “Nobody, DBSK’s “Mirotic, Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry and SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish

In May 2009, Royal Pirates appeared on Korean News Channel YTN where they were presented as an independent rock band which became a new YouTube sensation, getting over ten thousand views with their powerful instrumentals and brilliant videos.

Moving on to 2013 and their Korean debut with the song “Shout Out” keeping still their rock image being one of the few original bands out there! Royal Pirates performed on several music programs as guests of Kim Kyung Rok of “VOS”. The band also performed on a world tour with actor Lee Min Ho. As guests on the Reboot: Minho Tour, they performed at venues in South Korea, Japan, China and more! 

In 2014 Royal Pirates released their second EP “Love Toxic”, which included the English versions of the songs Betting EverythingandYou. The band then later released a Taiwanese Deluxe version of their Love Toxic EP, featuring tracks from theDrawing The Line EP, as well as a Japanese edition, which included the Japanese version of the title track “Love Toxic”.

Now these babies are back with “Run Away” an upbeat rock track along with their3.3 mini album! The songs are simply amazing so you better listen to their album and support them!

You can follow their SNS for more updates and information

Twitter – Moon / James
Instagram – James / Moon / Sooyoon



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