Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music –STARSHIP X

STARSHIP X newest project with SISTAR’s Hyolyn, Bumkey and Jooyoung is what we all needed in our lives before 2015 ends! 

Check down below their M/V!

Let’s start with some information about STARSHIP X which is a house-label of Starship Entertainment with artists as K.Will (CEO), SISTARBOYFRIENDMONSTA X, Mad ClownJunggigoJooyoungBrotherSuEXYYoo Seungu and their upcoming girl group WJSN/Cosmic Girls who aim to debut in 2016!

The artists did many projects with labelmates or other artists close to their style such as Brand New Music‘s Bumkey / San.E and Amoeba Culture‘s Zion.T.

Focusing more on the K-Hip Hop vibe that’s going around in 2015 their experiment on sounds.

BONUS the company’s Christmas song for 2015 featuring all the active artists!

You can follow the company’s SNS for more information and updates




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