Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – iKON


Here we go again with iKON’s official full debut!

Check down below the review and the thoughts i have for them!

Let’s start again with the review and mini info i did for them, when they released their first half of the debut album that you can find HERE on my blog.

This week they released two M/Vs for “Dumb & Dumber” and “What’s Wrong” along with a slightly big controversy again! 

The controversy this time is around the album cover. DBSK / TVXQ Korea’s biggest idol boy group disbanded creating like this a three member sub unit group called JYJ. They say that the letters from the JYJ’s album and the iKON’s look way too similar to theirs. I don’t even see it, but let’s bring something up to bash them because why not!

The second part of the controversy is about the lightstick color! DBSK / TVXQ and JYJ have their original color which is red. YG released iKON’s lightstick resently having the same color. After some complains from the official fanclub of the boy group “Cassiopeias” the color changed to orangy red. It was just the name that changed after all so the fans still keep this up.


Moving on to the fun part where the album is finally fully released and we get to listen all the masterpieces and enjoy the M/Vs. Their image was always a funky one, having fun on stage and entertaining the fans. As for now i don’t have any complains about the concept nor the members. Even though it’s mostly B.I, Bobby and their gang bang!


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