Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – Yoon Mirae

Yoon Mirae released a new MV showing off her singing skills!

Check down below more information about her and the new MV

Natasha Shanta Reid, known by her Korean name Yoon Mi-rae, is an American-born South Korean rapper and singer. She is part of the Korean hip hop crew The Movement and current member of MFBTY  (My Fans Better Than Yours).

She debuted in South Korea in early 1997, when she was just 16.  Tasha was one of the first mixed race artists in Korean music, causing much criticism in a homogeneous society. Tasha later revealed her struggles in her 2007 single, Black Happiness, which spoke of how industry executives told her to deny her African American heritage.


In 2002, she released her 1.5 album, Gemini. It was the first Korean hip-hop album to debut in the Japanese market. Tasha later left World Music to join Jungle Entertainment, a label founded by now husband Tiger JK.

She is an advocate against child abuse as seen by her participation in Vogue Korea’s Stop & Love Campaign in 2011 and performing at the 2011 Child Abuse Awareness Concert. Together with Tiger JK, she received a commendation from South Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare for her efforts in promoting child abuse prevention.

She also promotes awareness with multicultural families as seen with her seven-month volunteer commitment in a multicultural youth camp in 2008. This is probably a result of her own history as a child of mixed ethnic origin where she experienced prejudice in Korean society against her racial background.

Her newest release is called “This Love” showing off her amazing vocals, letting aside her tough self. It’s always exciting to see what she got-on-the-table each time she works on a track! 


You can follow her SNS for more updates and information



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