How to speak FASHION

We’ve all been through this time when we tried to blend in or out from everybody else.

Check down below my thoughts about the issue

We all try to find ourselves in simple things, one of them is fashion or more simple “how to protect myself from the world”. That’s how i call it anyways!

Have you ever thought why you want to change your style, or why you want to be different? Well same as you, I have been through that and it’s one hell of a road i’m telling you.

Languages are different like people but fashion is the same to everybody. Well at least the sense of “fashion”! 

It all starts with an inspiration. Artists, actress/es, photographers etc. have the right to inspire others so do you! People seek inspiration from everything.

So boost up  your self esteem and go out there! Be creative! Tell a story! Make others try to understand you, not by talking but simply looking at you! Be mysterious and enigmatic!

source @ W KOREA


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