Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – CRUSH

Crush is back with a hit-in-the-feels single!

Check down below his style!


What more can i say about Shin Hyoseob (aka Crush), he is the ultimate R&B Korean bae! Releasing tracks with Block B’s Zico and Zion.T who are the top male artists these days is an achievement!

He debuted along with Cheetah, yeah the one we all know that won Unpretty Rapstar #1 i’m pretty shocked too, in a hip hop duo called Masterpiece in 2012. That didn’t last long as they disband in 2013, i don’t even wonder why i’m just glad it happened! Let’s just throw this information into a black hole and be done with it..

Now he is back with his latest track “Don’t Forget” featuring SNSD’s Taeyeon! Let’s be honest, since her solo with (my baby’s daddy) VJ we can easily imagine her featuring in more artistic projects! SM has underestimated her enough.

You can follow his SNS for more updates and information



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