Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – GFRIEND

GFriend are back with their 3rd mini album “Snowflake” talking about friendship!

Check down below their style

tumblr_o1kjdqrXuC1upjfvno2_1280(up / left to right) Yuju, Umji, SinB
(down / left to right) Yerin, Sowon ,Eunhwa

They debuted early in January 2015 and they are from Source Music Entertainment.

Since debuting they got an impressive amount of fans despite the furious netizens complaining that they were the next Lovelyz copy-cats, since both groups debuted with the same concept as school girls!

To be honest, i never knew about this “fight” even though im a Lovelyz fan. GFriend never caught my eye but i keep caughting myself singing “Me Gustas Tu” way too often. I have to admit that their title songs are pretty much catchy and energetic!

They first song / M/V released was “Glass Bead” and the rage begun! Seriously whoever debuted in 2015 got into some really bothering rumors. 

Okay so after the Lovelyz look-alike situation, the fans of Girl’s Generation aka SONE aka the biggest -known wise- asian girl group started comparing this song to GG’s debut one “Into The New World. It does give me that fresh vibe and i find some similarities but that doesn’t stop me from jamming to this masterpiece! Sometimes fans can be a bit too much.

Here comes next the perfection! “Me Gustas Tu” was their second M/V showing off more vocals and intense choreo! About the choreo information i read that BTS‘ choreographer throw some ideas in there that’s why some moves seem familiar! I’m glad that people appreciate it and didn’t rage over the girls again!

They went viral went they performed this song on ECO-Drive concert on a rainy day being critisized for their courage on stage. I will never understand why in Korea they still made outside performances with bad weather..

Here we are to their latest M/V for “Rough” showing off their friendship! At the end of 2015 they were awarded as the the Best Rookie Girl Group and they are back to prove it with some eye catchy ballet choreo!

You can also listen to their full mini album HERE.

Personally i don’t seem to like their latest track but i know it will grow on me because the refrain is simply slaying my feelings!

You can follow their SNS for more information and updates




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