Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – NU’EST

Pledis Entertainment’s NU’EST is back after a year of hiatus!

Check down below their comeback!

HTTP://K2NBLOG.COM(left to right/back) Ren, Baekho, Aron
(left to right/frond) JR, Minhyun

Pledis Entertainment is a company with financial problems so for them to finally comeback is probably a miracle!

Prior to debut, NU’EST made numerous appearances in their labelmates’ music releases. NU’EST were backup dances for After School Blue’s “Wonder Boy, and appeared in their label’s Christmas release “Love Letter, along with releasing their own music video for the song.

JR also appeared in Orange Caramel’s “Bangkok Citymusic video, and was also featured in Uee’s solo song Sok Sok Sok. Baekho appeared in After School’s “Play Ur Lovemusic video, and Minhyun starred in Orange Caramel’s “Shanghai Romancemusic video.

NU’EST made their debut with their first single Face on 15 March 2012 and then returned with their first mini album, Action on 11 July. During their promotional period and the rest of the year, NU’EST began to expand to the global market, having events in Japan, Australia, other parts of Asia, and America, including KCON!

NU’EST returned with the second mini album Hello, on 13 February 2013 and then on 22 August with their third mini album Sleep Talking.

NU’EST began to enter the Chinese market in November with the addition of a new member Jason, exclusively for Chinese promotions, undertaking the name NU’EST-M for the project. NU’EST-M recorded Chinese versions of Face and Sleep Talking and promoted them throughout China.

NU’EST returned on 9 July with their first full album Re:BIRTH with “Good Bye Bye” as the title track which was a nice twist for their style! 

After a year promoting in Japan, in 2015 they released a digital single “I’m Bad on 27 February with a limited edition physical release on 15 March, to celebrate their third anniversary.

And now to the final comeback M/V “Overcome” from their new album “Q”! This is so exciting seeing them back and all matured! Their sound is still darker than their original-debut one and that seems to getting under the skin better than we all thought. These boys need more love and support!

You can follow their SNS for more information and updates

Twitter – Ren / Aron
Instagram – JR / Minhyun / Baekho / Ren / Aron



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