Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – Ladies Code

Ladies Code is back after 2 years of hiatus!

Check down below their new style!

ladies-code-galaxy-mv(left to right) Sujung, Joomi, Ashley

It is hard even for me writing this post. I usually make a small bio about the artists but this time i’m going to keep it short.

Ladies Code debuted in 2013 with the song Bad Girl topping the online charts. The following years seemed like a dream as their title tracksPretty Pretty,So Wonderful and Kiss Kiss were all a hit.

They won in 2013 the New Artist of the Year and in 2014 the MBC Music Star Award.

In 2014 an awful car accident happened and the loss of EunB and RiSe was massive. Pledis Entertainment released a statement that the girls will remain as three and continue promotions when they feel ready.

Now, after 2 years these girls are back with a whole different style and sound! I can say that their mini album is something fresh between all the mainstream kpop music out there!

You can follow their SNS for more updates and information

Twitter – Ashley / Joomi / Sujung



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