Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – Cosmic Girls

Starship Entertainment X  Yuehua Entertainment new girl group is finally out!

Check down below their story!

This group was formed because of a new project made by Starship Entertainment (Korea) and Yuehua Entertainment (China).

The girls are already divided into 4 unit groups, Joy / Sweet / Natural / Wonder, representing all kinds of talends such as singing, dancing and rapping.

The one thing that got my eye right away is that all the girls have different zodiac signs! And they match! They placed the most matched zodiac signs together to form these units.. And that brings me to the next question, are their signs some kind of power-like parts?

Let’s not forget that their concept is based in the outer space and in some kind of a sailor moon super power(?) idea.

Cosmic Girls’ first member to be revealed to the public was SeolA, who, in 2012, made a cameo in Boyfriend’s “Janus” music video as the lead female actress.

The second member who was shown to the public was Dayoung as a contestant on Survival Audition “K-Pop Star 1”.

The third member who was shown to the public was Exy as a contestant on the South Korean female rap competition “Unpretty Rapstar 2”.

The fourth member revealed to the public was Eunseo who made a cameo in Monsta X’s “Rush” music video and Yoo Seung-woo’s “Whatever” music video prior to debut.

And now to the part, again, all waited for! 


The debut M/V is released and appearances on music shows began! Their title song is called “Mo Mo Mo” telling a love story, as always, from the perspective of an in-love girl. The album though brings me mixed feelings as the song “Catch Me“, which is gonna be their follow up promo song i’m like 100% sure, is totally different giving them a more sexy vibe! 

You can follow their SNS for more updates and information




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