Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – Lee Hi

One of the ACEs in Korean pop music made a comeback after 3 years!

Check down below her new style!


Lee Hi is only 19 but her voice is something extraordinary! But let’s start with the mini bio first!

She is known as the runner-up of SBS’s K-pop Star Seaon 1.

Her agency first was YG Entertainment aka one of the three biggest in South Korea but that changed last year when Tablo of EPIK HIGH, who were under that agency since 2012, made a start up etertainment company naming it HIGH GRND. His first success was taking Lee Hi under his fatherly wing! Obviously!

Should i metioned that papa YG actually wanted to put her in the oh-so-long-awaited-new-girl-group that he is still “making” since 2011.. yeah ok.

Before her official debut she released a single with EPIK HIGH that dominated the charts! Such an nice start to a beautiful career don’t you think?

Her official solo debut song was “” with her being into R&B giving us an awesome awkward M/V. She was such a tiny little baby back then! Freaking hell.. 

Well in South Korea, where one of the “dream jobs” is being an entertainer and actually a successful one is kind of a big deal, she ranked on the top spot 11 times on the hourly real time charts, which set a record for female soloists in 2012!

The song ranked #1 for three weeks and we have 4 shows (The Show, Music Bank, Music Core, M!Countdown) so that means she actually won 12 times in a freaking row! Well for a super rookie to win the first week of promotions is way more than a huge deal!

Her first comeback came along with a full album tilted “First Love” and the first promotion song was “It’s Over” with an M/V, another hit track. Her awkwardness improved but she is still the same YG princess we all met! Props to Krunk, YG Entertainment’s mascot, for keeping up with her!

Rose” was the follow up song for promotions and that was the time when we all started questioning life. To me this is the best song she released until now! Nothing can top this!

Surprise surprise! Sub units begun with Lee Hi being a part in the “BH” vocal duo with 2NE1’s lead singer Park Bom! Well it was christmas so it was pretty accurate back then..

You understand from the name that the unknown-girl, to you, is Suhyun and she is a part of a music duo with her brother under the name “Akdong Musician” who participated in  K-Pop Star Season 2 and got signed up with YG! Along with them iKON‘s Bobby came along messing everything up, mostly in my life. Pretty addicted song i would say!

And finally we come to an end with her latest mini album tilted “Soulite” and the two promotion songs, “Breathe” that’s written from SHINee‘s Jonghyun and “Hold My Hand”. While “Breathe” is an emotional track that can ruin or make your day better, it suits Hi’s voice so well that i’m just stuck between the two emotions. That simple! “Hold My Hand” is more cute and artsy fartsy, according to the M/V, that suits her age better. Both awesome!

From her whole mini album though my favorite is FXXK WIT US with my ultimate korean hip hop crush DOK.2. My life got better with just a song. Thanks papa YG, thanks 1LLIONAIRE.

I’m so out.

You can followe her SNS for more updates and information




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