Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – PRODUCE 101

Yes, the title is right. It’s time to break down some PRODUCE 101 thoughts!

Check down below MNet’s newest variety!


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If you want to know more about the girls just click HERE.

I know it’s insane but it’s true! MNet casted 101 trainees from 46 different entertainment companies in South Korea to create a girl group survival program called “PRODUCE 101”! If this doesn’t say anything to you about the “Halyu Wave” then i guess you are not that into KPOP yet! 

First of all there’s not gonna be all 101 members in the final girl group let’s be real. The top 11 contestants chosen through popularity online voting at Produce 101’s homepage and audience’s live voting will debut. The audience though will decide the final girl group concept and name!


The first song to be revealed is “PICK ME”. Total irony as the audience had to, of course, vote for them, dah! The song’s genre is called EDM and to my ears is pure excitement! Cuteness overload.. but exciting!

The triangles are made for the 4 different categories of the trainees. There’s A, B, C, D and F. The girls are coming “to the light” according to their rankings, first the A class and then the rest of them follow. Class F is the lowest ranking so these girls ended up dancing outside of the main stage as back up dancers and get no camera shots. 

As the episodes go by and eliminations begun the competition leveled up too. The audience got a chance to see them performing live couple of times through out the episodes, so we already have a taste of what’s the “official” 11 member girl group gonna be like.

So what’s next?

Concepts! There’s only 35 girls left and at this point they have to try out a couple of concepts to see where they fit in!


Girlish Pop came first with the online votes allowing the song to be the main title in the PRODUCE 101 album that you can find and download / buy online. Personally i can get jam along to this song because it reminds me of GFRIEND.


Trap Pop came second and according to my likings it was second on my list too so it went pretty legit! Gimme that yum yum!!


Girl Crush Pop ended up third. Not even close to my style so i’m just gonna pass it. The sound though is more western! I can focus though at their vibes as they already look like an official girl group!


Hip Hop came 4th.. when i watched the practice teasers i had higher hopes. It didn’t came out quite bad but it wasn’t on my “good level” either.

#5 EDM

EDM came last. Can i ask why? Since “PICK ME” was the same exast style and everybody loved it, this could easily be a massive hit too! It has even trot in it!! What’s wrong with you people!!

source @ Teampd101

The show is still going so if you want to find more information about the results and the girls you can follow the following SNS accounts



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