Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – DΞΑΝ

Kwon Hyuk is the new R&B sensation and i’m here to share all my information with you!

Check down below this incredible artist!


I can’t explain his personality so i will let this picture here for you to absorb it.

His real name is Kwon Hyuk by he goes under the nickname DEAN (styled as DΞΔN from actor James Dean, whose rebellious image appealed to him). He is an alternative R&B singer, songwriter and record producer who originates from South Korea.

Year Artist Album Credits[
2013 Exo XOXO Music (“Black Pearl“)
VIXX VOODOO Music (“Voodoo Doll“)
2014 VIXX Non-album single Production, Music (“Eternity“)
John Park Non-album single Lyrics, Music (“U“)
Madtown Mad Town − Super Debut Lyrics (“YOLO“)
2015 Uniq EOEO Lyrics (“EOEO“)
Speed Speed On Lyrics (“What U“)
VIXX Chained Up Production, Music (“Eternity“)
Dynamic Duo Grand Carnival Lyrics, Music (“요즘어때? How Are You These Days?“)
Exo Sing for You Lyrics, Music (“Unfair“)
2016 iKON‘s
(Bobby, Koo Junhoe, Kim DongHyuk)
Two Yoo Project Sugar Man Part 14
(song by Mose)
Production (“사랑인걸 It’s Love“)
Lee Hi (featuring Mino) SEOULITE Production, Lyrics, Music (“비행 WORLD TOUR“)
(Seungyoon, Mino, Nam Tae-hyun)
Two Yoo Project Sugar Man Part 21
(song by Hey)
Production (“쥬 뗌므 Je T’aime“)

His official Korean debut wan in October last year with the song “Pour Up” that clearly blew everyone’s mind! I really don’t understand why he didn’t debut earlier! Probably we were not prepared enough to appreciate him.

Other work includes featuring with Zion.T and Crush, on a Junggigo single247,a single I Love It featuring Dok2 which is my favorite even to this day, What 2 Do with Crush and Jeff Bernat, and a feature on Dynamic Duo‘s What’s Up.

Two M/Vs were released, one for “Bonnie & Clyde” and one for “D (half moon)”.

On March 24, 2016, he released his first EP of seven tracks, 130 Mood : TRBL.

He explained part of the EP’s title, which he named after the racing number “130”, which James Dean had painted on his beloved car, and which embodies the same experimental spirit he feels about music. Well, isn’t he a mega fan or not.

“TRBL” is trouble, and the mood is a united collection of songs, which are meant to be connected to each other by narrating a love story as a whole, starting with falling in love at first sight in “21,” through “I Love It,” “D (Half Moon),” “What 2 Do,” “Bonnie & Clyde,” and “Pour Up,” each sharing a phase of love to its end. It’s more of a let’s get drunk album.

It’s so exciting seeing artists like him make it in the korea charts! Since KPOP is a big deal you all understand pretty much that this genre of music dominates the charts too, in a massive way. I can’t wait to see more of things from him! More collaborations will always be welcomed to my playlists!

You can follow his SNS for more updates and information




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