Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – Jun Hyo Seong

In 2005 she was a finalist in television channel Mnet’s “Battle Shinhwa” which led to her signing a recording contract with Good Entertainment.

In 2007 she was going to debut in the group ‘Five Girls’, together with G.NA,Wonder Girls‘s Yubin, After School’s Uee and former T-ara member and current Spica member Yang Jiwon, however, the group disbanded before they were able to debut due to the company’s financial problems.

Hyoseong was later discovered by TS Entertainment through a show aired on SBS MTV, called “Diary of Five Girls”, and spent two years with the company as a trainee. In 2009 she debuted with Song Jieun, Han Sunhwaand Jung Hana as the four member girl group Secret.

In 2014 it was confirmed that Hyoseong would be releasing her solo EP called “Top Secret. The songs were pretty decent, especially the title track “Goodnight Kiss” that showed off her sexy vibes. She was always known for her sensual/sexy appearance so that was a nice start!

She released her second EP “FANTASIA along the title track “Into You” in 2015. The song was less sensual and more funky than her solo debut “Goodnight Kiss” but the M/V and the choreography just turned the tables! I was hopping for a more girly concept but nope! I would consider this EP a huge flop but the song “Taxi Driver” saved the whole situation!

Now, in 2016, she is back with her third EP “Colored. The concept is based on an imaginary earth princess who waits for her prince. Classic but totally different from her trade mark images and sounds! From this EP the title master piece “Find Me”, “Follow Me” and “딱 걸렸어” blown my mind away showing me how her voice changed through the years, and i’m simply loving it! It was also her first time reasing a self-written song called “Dear Moon” that it is a disaster. Hyoseong girl, you can’t do everything in this life but it was a..nice try!

Even though it wasn’t as good as the company promised to be it was way better than the last EPs so from now on we only go up in expectations!

You can follow her SNS for more updates and information




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