This time Munsoo Kwon brought back ’90s vibes with an idol twist!

In the entertainment industry, idols mostly, wear his clothes supporting him in every way they can that’s why he is one of the ‘most known’ among teenagers.

His theme, with the youngsters at the background cheering for their favorite models, brings memories of fansites and events Korean artists do for their beloved fans. To me, this was a brilliant idea and i’m so loving it that one of my favorite Korean Designers took it to the next level!

Since Hallyu Wave is a hot issue right now, anything related to K-POP can be viewed in no time. We all try to ‘steal’ the looks from the famous artists! I’m a fangirl, i feel your wallets pain.

Also “오빠”, (oppa) a respectful Korean term used by females to call older males such as older male friends or older brothers, is one of the K-POP trademarks that even international fans know without actually learning the language!


You can learn more about the designer HERE.


source @ FY


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