Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – I.O.I

If you want to catch up with the program and what i’m saying just go HERE.

I can’t believe that almost 5 months passed since the biggest survival on Korean TV started.. It seems like yesterday when we were all freaked out about the amount of trainees that confirmed to participate..

We may have passive aggressive feelings over MNet but the show had its good and bad times as well! I don’t think they sugarcoated anything at the montage, they show us exactly what youngsters in South Korea go through to debut.

Somehow along the way, personally, i became devastated. As a KPOP fan overseas i never actually cared about their trainning system, there wasn’t any program out there who actually showed you exactly what was going on behind all the smiley make-up faces and the cameras.

But let’s be possitive because the program is now over and the final line up is created preparing for their debut on music shows!

Congratulations to the girls! It’s over you guys! Or is it..?

After the final episode all the music programs (The Show, Music Bank, Inkigayo, Music Core) except M!Countdown, didn’t agree on promoting them aka they don’t want them to perform on their stages. Many reporters said that the company, CJ E&M, is still in talks with the PDs but still doesn’t this seem a bit off..?

Anyways, their first official M/V as I.O.I is out with the title “Crush” expressing the feeling of a girl having a sudden crush on a boy. It’s pretty catchy and up-beat but NOTHING can beat PICK ME!

You can follow MNet’s SNS accounts for more information and info




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