H&M‘s Ermou 54 store in Athens,Greece has always been the one to host the amazing parties and collaboration collections launches!

This time it was for a much better cause, the “Conscious Collection” from their customers recycling clothes!

For more information you can go HERE.


I do support the whole recycling-thing, not only on my blog but giving away clothes and promoting it, but i never thought that the result would be so much better than the expectations i had!

The only negative thing was the price, let’s focus at the fact that they launched it in Greece, it was way higher than the normal ones! They didn’t match with the latest H&M X Balmain collection but it was close enough to make me freak out.

The positive thing is that it was sold out mostly at the pre-release party! Which means that the guests accepted it well!

I mean how can they not? The prints were so beautiful that they need to be appreciated!

The ingredients that were used to make the collection were:

  • Cotton
  • Cannabis
  • Denimite
  • Organic Cotton
  • Recycled Plastic
  • Recycled Polyester

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