CeCi – Flower Princesses

Red Velvet‘s Joy and Yeri are the two most talked-about members of the group, for different reasons each, so CeCi Korea teamed up with them for a lovely June issue pictorial.

Joy, the visual and most well known of the girl group, is the one that SM Entertainment supports the most. They hid her image until the very end of the debut naming her “the most special member”, booking solo pictorials and variety appearances.

Yeri, on the other hand, is the younger member that joined them later on. She is the cutest cupcake but her name comes along scandals. Since the very beginning the fans reacted mostly negatively on why she joined the group since her talent is not that good, vocal wise. Recently more topics appear about plastic surgery helping her name, and group, be in the naver charts again.

Their latest M/V is titled 7월 7일 (One Of These Nights) a tribute song of the Sewol ferry tragedy that happened 2 years ago.



source @ CeCi


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